Kidz Cuts by Lori 

Please relax!  I am very good at my job and have seen thousands of children over the past seven years.  I am a mother first and a hair stylist second.  I care that children feel safe and I strive to ease their discomfort . . . .

1.  Don’t worry or be embarrassed by your screaming child. . . . this does not unnerve me!

2.  If your child is pleading with you, begging you, or excessively reaching for you, it is best for all of us if you step into the hall and wait. Your child WILL calm down and I will be able to work safer/faster getting the job done!

3.  I have NEVER met a child whose hair I couldn’t cut!  I am resourceful and work from a place of compassion and care.  I understand sensory issues and I want your child to get through this quickly and happily.

4.  Nervous energy spreads. . . . If you are nervous, your child will sense it!  Over-stimulation and too many distractions are NOT helpful and actually prolong the appointment.

5.  I can/will assess the situation and I will know whether your child can be calmed down or whether I need to move quickly in order to get the job done. 

6.  A moving child does not bother me . . . . . my super power is being able to cut hair on a moving target and have it look great!

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